Monday, August 10, 2015


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It was a Sunday morning.

He walked into Starbucks, his one-year-old son on his arm.

As he stepped in line to order that Sunday morning, his cell phone rang.  He answered, using phrases like "cost effective" and "bottom line" and "global distribution" as the line advanced.

His son poked a thumb into his mouth. He had apparently been in this position before.

More phrases followed. "Core competency" and "fiscal strength" and "software paradigm" marked his pathway to the cash register.

The little boy yawned, squirmed a little in his father's arms, and looked unhappy.

The man shifted his phone and his son to the opposite arms and continued his conversation.

"We'll have to run those numbers before we can coherently present it to the client," he said. He reached the point where his order was to be taken, then stepped out of line. He paced back and forth, struggling with some concept known only to him and the person on the other end of the line.

Fifteen minutes later, as I left the coffee shop, he was still talking to the same person, on the same cell phone, with his now asleep son on his shoulder.

It was a Sunday morning, just like any other day.

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