Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Minutes on Friday

Today I am making time.

I'm making time for one of my great loves, the written word.

Just for today, I will not be afraid of the words I write.  Afraid they are not good enough, descriptive enough, that they don't tell the story the way it should be told.  I will let those who judge do their thing without interruption, and I will continue to do this, MY thing.

Today, just today, my love and I are going on a wild ride.  I can't wait to see where we end up.

Monday, May 04, 2015


Our family is grieving.  My great-nephew, Philip, was killed in a car accident yesterday.

He was exiting I-470, and had just entered the intersection when an SUV slammed into his car. Witnesses had been following the SUV due to its erratic driving, and had called police to report it. We have heard the SUV ran several lights before the one where Philip was. It is obvious the driver was traveling very fast.

The SUV hit Philip's car so hard that the drivers' side was pushed four feet over to the passenger side.

A retired firefighter was able to pull him from the wreckage with the help of others, and they began CPR.  At least someone tried to help, and for that we are thankful.  However, despite their best efforts, Philip was declared dead at the scene.

He was nineteen.

The other driver was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, the last we heard.

News report here.

Update:  It appears Philip was killed by a 32-year-old drunk driver.  "A strong odor of alcohol" was noticed by police officers, as well as a bottle of whiskey.  He had just gotten his licence back from it being suspended for drunk driving. The man was driving at an estimated 70-80 mph when he struck Philip.  The driver appeared in court today on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, which carries up to a five-year sentence (from what I can tell on the internet).

Five life.  It doesn't seem fair, somehow.

Updated news story here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No Friends Like Old Friends

Last Saturday evening we had a reunion.

It wasn't a big, school-wide reunion, or even a class reunion.  It was a gathering of four friends who hadn't seen each other in about thirty years.



To be perfectly honest, I was so nervous about seeing the others after so long a time that I had to down a Xanax just to make it out the door.  I am one who firmly believes that people will think the worst of me, regardless of who they are or how long I've known them. I was understandably uncomfortable (neurotic) with the possibility of things not going well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I could not have been more wrong.

Jan was kind enough to host us at her house.  We all arrived around 6 p.m. with part of dinner, dessert, and bottles of white wine.

Many bottles of white wine.  Big bottles of white wine.

It seems we all like white wine.

It was as if we had never been apart.  We talked and talked and talked some more.  We ate.  We drank.  We caught up on the last thirty years...the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

Oh, it was glorious!

And at the end of the evening, after all the talk, all the wine, and all the rest, we vowed to meet again in June.

It was good. Very good, indeed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oh Deer...

Yesterday we found a visitor in our side yard.

Well, we didn't so much find him as we SMELLED him.

We don't normally go into the side yard unless we're mowing the grass, and as that hasn't been a priority because...WINTER...we missed the fact that a deer had decided to make our home his final resting place.

Keeled over and gave up the ghost, right there in the yard.  The deer was deceased.  It had passed on. It was no more.  It ceased to be.

This was a late deer.*

To say we were thrilled just doesn't cover the depth of our emotion.

I called the Animal Control desk as soon as we discovered our special little gift, but they were closed for the evening.  Apparently animals don't need controlling 24/7.  I waited until bright and early this morning to call again.  This time I got a human being.

"Animal Control, how may I help you?"

"We seem to have acquired a dead deer at our address.  Would you please come and dispose of him/her/it?"

"Well, we'll come out and take a look, but if it's on private property we may not be able to help you."


That last sentence didn't really happen.

After some discussion, Animal Control agreed to come out and look at the deer.  They wouldn't take it away, but they would certainly set eyes on it for us.  Our tax dollars are hard at work!

When the truck came by before I left for work, I asked the "looker" what could be done next.  He said he would be in contact with the Public Works Department, and they would look to see if they could haul it away for us.  The only reason they would be able to do so is because the decomposing deer was in full view of the street.

Otherwise, we would have to either have a barbeque or find a pack of wolves to assist us. gotta love it.

When last I spoke with Hubster, he informed me that our dear deer was no more.  The Public Works people apparently took pity on us and hauled it off.

The deer has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

This was an ex-deer.*

*(with apologies to Monty Python...)

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Nag, Nag, Nag

It is hard for me to remember my twenties.

It isn't difficult to remember what actually happened, even though I am of a certain age.  It's just hard to remember because it causes me pain.

I was a really, really stupid person back then.  I've learned a lot, but I can still be really, really stupid at times.  Stupid is as stupid does, and I does stupid well.

That's why I HAVE to remember what it was like to be in my twenties.  And that's why I have to give some grace to my kids.

It's rough to do that sometimes.

For instance, a certain woman in her twenties still has her health insurance paid by us, even though she may or may not be covered by her new employer at this moment.  That is a $150.00 question - the amount it costs us each month to be sure she's covered with private insurance.  If I knew for certain that she was covered by her employer now, I could drop the coverage we have, thereby saving $150.00 each month.

However, getting that information from her is similar to trying to train a worm to jump through a hoop.

If I ask and she agrees to get it but doesn't follow through, that turns me into a nagging mother each additional time I ask.  The expressive "YES, Mother!" texts I get after each subsequent reminder inform me that she is none too pleased with being asked yet again for the information I need. Because she has no stake in this, she really doesn't care. Short of calling her employer myself, I have no way to find out what I need to know.

So, what would you do in this situation?