Thursday, August 06, 2015

Good Friends, Good Weekend

One would think photos would be taken when visiting friends, so as to preserve the wonderful time spent.

One would be wrong.

We had a glorious time, the four of us. And yet I took not one photograph. Not one.

Shame on me.

Friday night was filled with eating and drinking. The cheese dip and the margaritas flowed, and we talked until midnight. When it came time to eat dinner, we decided the cheese dip was dinner enough. We were filled with it and good conversation.

Saturday morning dawned too early for me. Since I was last to arrive, I drew the couch in the living room as my bed. It was so comfortable that I didn't want to leave it, but around 7 a.m. everyone else was up and moving. We ate breakfast casserole (I still need that recipe) and planned to go shopping in Branson before heading to the lake for the rest of the day.

However, when we arrived at the outlet mall, there was such a crowd that our host couldn't find even one place to park the car. This resulted in no small amount of frustration, as traffic was moving at the pace one could easily walk.

(Please note: This photo was NOT taken by the author.)

Because of the crowded situation, we decided to leave and go directly to the lake without passing "GO" or collecting $200.00. It was a wise choice, all told.

Once at the marina, we ate lunch here...

(Again, not my photo...)

...and boarded our host's boat similar to this one...

 (Also not from my camera...)

...and set out on the lake. We had noodles (those long, foam, floaty things), and we used them well. 

(Same song, different verse...)

We also used plenty of SPF 30 or SPF 50, which kept us from sunburn.  We had sodas and wine and water and cookies and the leftovers from lunch, so we were well-fortified.

That evening we dined in style, then went to bed early. Our day in the sun made for an early evening.

After breakfast, I headed out.  It was a long drive home, giving me time to reflect on a weekend well spent.  Many thanks to our host! 

Now, about NEXT year.....

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Linds said...

It sounds wonderful. however, I am quite sure one of your friends does, indeed have photos. So, please friends, feel free to post them !