Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I have a friend who is in the process of dying.

It's hard to say the word when I am talking with his wife. It isn't that both of us don't know what's happening. I guess it's more that not acknowledging it, not saying the words, makes it less a reality.

Tonight I will be visiting my friend and taking his wife some wine. I have been asking all along if she needs anything, if there is anything I can do to help. Last night I asked more pointedly.

"What one thing can I do for you to help you in any way?"

She admitted to being emotionally drained, and confessed she couldn't really think of anything for herself other than prayer.

I told her I had been through a similar circumstance with Mom, and a kind pastor brought me my favorite sangria. Immediately she told me the type and brand of wine she liked, and said it sounded wonderful.

I'll take it to her tonight, and say goodbye to my friend while I am there. Perhaps we'll toast to better days. 

Mike in better days...

...and now.

Please be in prayer for Michael and his family, and for his seamless transition into the arms of Father God.  If you feel led to do so, please contribute to his Go Fund Me page at since he has been unable to work for some time now. This whole process has meant his family really needs the support.

I know we all long for the day when cancer is eliminated...blown off the face of the earth. 

I only wish it was now.

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Susanne said...

I am so sorry for your friends.

This post is timely as we had just discussed this in our ladies bible study. That when the question "Do you need anything?" is offered sometimes that in itself is do you choose? A pointed offer such as yours is so much better. Thank you for putting it into such good words.