Thursday, November 13, 2014

Too Sweet to Sleep

Apparently, I decided to eat some Nutella last night.

While sound asleep, I am told I went downstairs and got a spoonful of the chocolate hazelnut spread that my daughter had purchased.  She even wrote on the lid, to be sure her brother would leave it alone.


Unfortunately, I tend to ignore things like that while I'm snoozing.

According to the report, I went downstairs looking for something to eat.  I opened the refrigerator, found nothing I wanted, then went on to the pantry.  The Nutella was in sight, so I grabbed it and a spoon, got some, and put the jar back.  I took the full spoon over to Hubster, who has never tasted the stuff, and asked him if he'd like to try it.  He declined, but told me I then popped it in my pie-hole.

Here's the thing:

I don't LIKE Nutella.

It's like eating too-sweet, aching-tooth-sweet, chocolate icing.  All I can taste is the SWEET part, and it's the kind of sweeeeet that makes you want to grimace as you're sucking it down.

So why on earth would I eat it while I was asleep???

The Ambien, it does strange things to me.

I am fortunate to have people around who can report these things after the fact.  I am also fortunate to be able to provide entertainment for said people, and to be the brunt of most jokes at the dinner table.

But let me tell you, I SLEEP WELL!!!

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