Friday, September 12, 2014

What If?

I am a privileged person.

I have the honor of leading a great bunch of writers who are responsible for filling the inside of our handout at church each Sunday.  We write about real people who have real issues in their lives.  We write about struggles we all have, and we write about our own struggles in the hope that what we write will touch someone who reads.  Our goal is to let our readers know they are not alone...they aren't the only ones who think the way they do, fear the way they fear, or even sin the way they sin.  We also want them to know they are loved by the One True God.  Our job is to bring them in, closer and closer, to the One who can heal, forgive, and grow them into what and who He wants them to be.

And we do it with all our hearts, pen to paper.

I haven't contributed much recently.  I had a fear of my own to struggle with, one that grips anyone with any sort of gift.  It was the fear of inadequacy.

This same fear overcame me when I first auditioned for the writing group.  The difference is that then, I could write.  The fear hadn't paralyzed my mind and creativity.  This time, it did.  I went for months without writing a word.  I was unhappy, and it seemed as though the WHAT IF...? had won.

But not quite.

I decided to sign up to write a story; something I hadn't done in a long time.  The team carried me for far too long.  It was time for me to start pulling my (considerable) weight.

So I did.

I signed up for the week of September 21st, in which we're discussing the models kids need.  My job was to write a story about how we influence our children through what we say and do.

As you all may know, my childhood was less than ideal.  I had plenty to draw from.  Not only that, but I am certainly less than what God intended a parent to be.  This story would come from my heart.

The WHAT IF...? reared its ugly head as I submitted the story to my team.  What would they think?  How would they react?  Was it good enough?

I'll let you judge for yourself before I let you in on what they said.  But it won't happen until the story is published in the handout.

Stay tuned...

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