Monday, September 08, 2014

Never on a Sunday

Never go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart on Sunday.


If we hadn't been at starvation levels in the pantry area, I would have skipped the whole thing.  Truly. However, the kids were complaining about having peanut butter (without bread...we were out) for dinner for the third night in a row, so I had to do something.

When I got to Wally World, I noticed that everything I tried to buy was out of stock.  Cookies?  Nope. Cereal?  Nuh uh.  Coffee creamer?  Surely you jest. I asked for help from a young lady in the area of the cookies.  She went back to the storeroom, and told me they were out of almost everything.  Apparently it had been a big weekend.

In addition, the meat prices were astronomical!  $4.99/lb for roast.  Chicken was better, but at $1.99/lb it was still too high.  I did get a ham - which we'll devour in one meal - for $11.99.  I'm thinking the vegetarians have the right idea.

Then came the trip to the checkout stand.  Every stand that was open had three to four baskets full waiting in line.  Of course, not every line was open, because that would be too sensible.  We don't want to risk good customer service, now do we?  The only open lines were for 20 items or less, and sadly, I did not fall into that category.

After waiting a sweet forever in the first line, I determined we were going nowhere fast.  The checker seemed to be stuck.  She couldn't move.  I gave up and went to another line.  This one had a lady with items mounded over the top of her basket, and you could tell from the ads she had in her hand that she was going to price match everything she bought.  And she was third in line.

I went to talk with two of the checkout managers who were chatting in front of the stands.  I asked if there was anything they could do to speed things up, but they were too busy chewing gum to help.  Finally, I found a line with only one other person ahead of me. The checker was very. carefully. checking. each. item.

I wanted to get out of there. I almost left my basket, frozen items and all, to go out to my car and beat my head in with a hammer. It would have been less painful.

At long last, it was my turn.  There was no friendly greeting, no "Did you find everything you needed?"  Boy howdy, I was poised for that question, but it never came.  Instead, my very. careful. checker. slid each item through with excruciating slowness, then announced my total.  There was no "thank you" smile.  I usually ask for someone to help me load the car, but I was too irritated to deal with anyone else.  I took the cart out to the car, and started loading.

Two of the bags were split open at the bottom, spilling the contents all over the car.

Honestly, I felt as if Wal-Mart had it out for me.

I saw a sign attached to the checkout stand with a number to call in case you were not satisfied with your visit, so I took advantage of it.  The poor lady that answered the phone got an earful, I'm afraid.

I did apologize to her as I complained, and she apologized for the store.

But from now on, any Sunday shopping done will be at Price Chopper.  Or HyVee.  Or Target.  Or anywhere but Wal-Mart!

And never on a Sunday.

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Susanne said...

Saturdays and Sundays are crazy shop days around here. I try to avoid them at all costs.