Friday, October 25, 2013

Oh My My

Today I saw Ringo Starr in an interview on television.  He's promoting his new book of photos taken while he was a Beatle.

(Do you think he dyes his hair and beard?)

Strangely enough, the book is called Photograph.

Ringo was always the Beatle I liked least.  He was kind of the "As Seen in Wal-Mart" type of guy, always trying to be more than he was, always trying to get attention.

My favorite Beatle was George.

Mind you, this goes back to first grade!  For Show and Tell, I brought a 45 rpm of Day Tripper.  Other kids in my class brought 45's of She Loves You and other Beatles songs, so Mrs. Dennison finally called a halt.

I got wind that Dana, a boy in my class, was going to have a Beatles party at his house, but Mom wouldn't let me go.  I was heartbroken.

Other girls in school got short white go-go boots to wear; the perfect thing when dancing to Beatles music!  Plastic "wigs" came out, kind of like a mask for your hair, in the shapes of John, Paul, George and Ringo's hairstyles.  There were cartoons on Saturday featuring The Beatles.

Boys were instructed that their hair couldn't be longer than an inch above the shirt collar.  Girls were told that mini skirts were outlawed.

The Beatles were a horrible influence on the youth of the day, or so our teachers thought.  Long hair and mini skirts!  Boys would end up being hoodlums, and girls would get pregnant out of wedlock!  Shameful!

So it was in the 60's.  And today, FIFTY YEARS LATER, I still remember it all.

I told Hubster today that I couldn't believe I was old enough to remember The Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  I remember being irritated because I couldn't hear the music for all the screaming girls.

Oh my.  I am old.


Susanne said...

LOL. I don't remember seeing the Beetles on the Ed Sullivan show but I do remember Topogigo! And I remember my parents very much disliking the Beetles and the screaming, crying, hysterical girls. Our family was more into the Elvis side of the music equation. And btw, I definitely think Ringo dyes his hair and beard, if you were asking that in sincerity. And if you were being sarcastic, well, then just ignore the last part of this comment. LOL.

Lu said...

Like you the Beatles were part of my youth. The arguments of which one we like the best. l perfered Paul.
Hearing him sing on something recently, l found my self wishing he would give up singing, before he becomes the old man with the funny voice.