Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog Me No Blogs

I've been clearing out time in my schedule to write.

All too often I'll find myself at the end of a day with nothing accomplished, not one line written, not working toward a goal of any kind.  Lately, it's been frustrating the )@#$&* out of me.

So, I've been carving slices of time during the day.  Break times, lunch time, after normal business hours, and I'm even considering taking a laptop into the loo with me.  I hear some of the best writers got their muse given to them in the WC.

The problem is this:  I seem to be concentrating on short essay-type work instead of what I really want to do.  So I did what any self-respecting procrastinator would do in a case like this.

I went to a class.

Aha! I thought.  THIS will make me want to jump right in and swim laps for hundreds of miles!

And it did, to a point.

Of course, the person giving the class was doing so in order to sell books she'd written.  She went over her tried-and-true method of writing, publishing and marketing for the miniscule cost of the class...PLUS sixteen dollars for the book she'd written to go along with the class.

I should have known better.  But hey, it was a Community Education class, and I actually did get some pointers.  At least enough to do an outline, if nothing else.

Having done that, I now have character sketches to complete.  I'm halfway through those.  I'll need to get a move on if I'm going to participate in NaNoWritMo this year!

But I've discovered another delay tactic I seem to be using.

Instead of working on "THE PROJECT," I write on "THE BLOG."

'nuf said.

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