Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scared to the Bone

I'm scared.

Not just because it's Halloween and trick-or-treaters are coming to my door, or because it's supposed to be a "dark and stormy night" or because someone yelled "BOO!" at me.

Nope, I'm scared because tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow is the day I begin to write.

It's the beginning of NaNoWriMo, where would-be and actual authors commit to writing 50,000 words in one month's time.  Thirty days hath November, and all thirty of them should contain 1,666.66 written words in order to complete the project.

What is the project?


A real, live, turn-the-pages-and-be-swept-away BOOK.

I figure that if five of those days are worthless, throw-away type days when I write nary a word, I will have to write 2,000 words every day for the remaining 25 in order to declare myself a winner.  At this time I have no doubt that I will lose, making me a loser, but I will try to win.

I will try my very hardest try.

And that, Dear Reader, is why I'm scared.  I hate to fail.  I hate to lose.  I want to WIN.  I want to have that finished manuscript in hand so that I can say I've DONE it...I've finally reached my potential - the one the teachers always said I worked under - for ONCE in my life.

Any encouragement would be appreciated at this point!  Maybe it will hold my feet to the fire more...maybe it will make me feel as though it really is possible. Feel free to comment.

And if I'm not too scared, I'll read it.

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