Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Most Excellent Chiropractor

Today's subject is the chiropractor.

When I was a young pup, Mom and Dad ingrained the following in our brains:
"Chiropractors are nothing but shysters.  They'll take your money and keep you coming back for as long as they can, but they'll never do anything to make you better."
Mom and Dad had never been to a chiropractor of course, but they'd heard stories.  And, as we all know, stories are ALWAYS true.


Enter my back.

(Not literally of course...)

I started having weird shooting pains going down one leg when I was in my 20's.  Nothing would help.  The M.D. of the day decided to give me pain pills and anti-inflammatory medicine to see if it would just work itself out.  Oftentimes it did, but I still had this nagging lower back pain whenever I stood for very long or worked outside or lifted anything or, you know, BREATHED.

I suffered through it for a couple of decades more, a couple of babies more, and not much changed.  The heating pad became my constant companion.

But then...

A guy I used to supervise graduated from Chiropractic College.  He opened up a practice while he was still working, and he told me he could help my back.

"Pshaw," said I.  "You are naught but a pseudo-doctor, wanting my hard-earned dollars!"

It took him a while to convince me, but I eventually ended up in his office.  I thought it couldn't hurt to help the guy start his business, if nothing else.  Even if he was going to be a shyster.

Imagine my surprise when it was ME that got helped.

While I was fully clothed, he did some popping and some cracking and some hocus pocus, and lo, my back didn't hurt anymore!  The same back that had given me fits for a good 30 years suddenly decided to be pain-free!

Now granted, it isn't a permanent fix.  I have to go in for tune-ups every so often or I feel it.  (see yesterday)  But by and large, this has been the best thing for not only my back, but my joints as well.

He seems to magically pinpoint what hurts in nothing flat, and he fixes it right away.  No x-rays, no drugs.  He feels what is out of place and coaxes it back where it needs to be.  It's better than a massage because the results last longer.

I take that back.  NOTHING is better than a massage.

But My Excellent Chiropractor comes close.


Linds said...

I need a chiropractor too. Diana has been going to one here - Pierre is his name. Hmmm. Maybe Pierre and I should become acquainted.

Tanisha Muench @ USHealthWorks.com/Lynnwood-Center said...

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