Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dead End

After yesterday's informative diatribe on the benefits of chiropractic, I thought I'd elaborate on something else today, like irregularity or flatulence.

Thankfully, I rethought that decision.

Instead, I offer you this:

Mom, as you will recall, died in 2008.  Today my sister received some mail for her.  It was a summons to jury duty.

She dutifully filled out the questionnaire.  One of the questions was "Do you have any mental or physical disability that would render you unable to serve?"

Sis checked the "yes" box, because after all, Mom has the ultimate physcial disability.

I suggested she might just have told them that Mom moved to a different state several years ago...PERMANENTLY.

People have told us that we have a strange sense of humor in our family.  I can't imagine why.

Mom would have LOVED it.  :)

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