Thursday, May 30, 2013

Littlest Angel

Last night Eldest Daughter and three of the grandkids came for dinner.

We had salmon croquettes, a family favorite.  We don't make them often, because they make the house stink to high heaven.  And because we don't make them often they are that much more special to the people in our family.

We were celebrating Eldest Daughter's birthday.  Great-Grandma helped bake the cake, and there were cards and presents.  As we were eating, Littlest Angel, age two, looked at Great-Grandma and asked "You doin' a'wight, Gamma?" as if she could help her if she wasn't "doin' a'wight" - something we all found to be just as cute as she is.

When Big Sister graduated from preschool, LA decided to get in on the act.  When we were taking photos, The Girl got this shot...

And then LA decided it would be best if the day was about HER as well!

She is a joy, that one!  And I'm guessing that of the two of them, she'll end up being a tomboy.

What's not to love?

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