Monday, May 27, 2013

I Love a Rainy Day

This morning, as we drank our coffee and discussed the events of the day, I mentioned to Hubster that I would love to have a front porch.  A porch with a swing, rocking chairs and side tables for frosty glasses of iced tea.  A porch the grandchildren could play on when the weather was wet.  A porch the neighbors would sit on with us to catch up on our lives together.

But most of all, I'd love to have a porch to sit on when it rained.  I want a place to protect me from the wetness as I enjoy the sight and sound of the thunder and lightning, the water drops pattering against the ground. 

Hubster, ever the problem solver, suggested I take a lawn chair and open up the garage.  I could sit in the doorway there under the cover of the house and still be able to enjoy the day.  This is one of the reasons I love him so.  He's always coming up with good ideas like this!

So today, here I sit.


And especially because of the rain, it is a lovely day, indeed!

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Susanne said...

My visions of a dream house always include a wrap around porch. Rain always brings a peace to me so I love to watch it too.