Thursday, May 09, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I wrote a blog.

It started out as a devotional-type thing which quickly evolved into just stories about my everyday life.  It saw me through family marriages and divorces, children being born, sicknesses and deaths of those I loved.  The blogging community came together to support me during these times, to laugh and cry, to celebrate and mourn. 

We were family.

After blogging for about five years I lost my mom.  And with that intense grief and healing that followed, I lost the will to write.  Writing had been, for me, a way of journaling, an outlet for creativity, and a connection to a vast community of caring people.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back.

Because I used to measure my self-worth by the number of increasing or decreasing readers, I now find a certain freedom in writing what I want to, when I want to.  I no longer hold myself to a schedule, nor do I think every post has to have a spiritual lesson attached or a stand-up comedy routine included.  I don't live or die by the stats, I don't try to make money from the blog, and I value the friendships it has brought me.

I can just be ME.  Warts and all.

And here's the thing;  You can like it, or you can choose to read elsewhere.  I don't write for the audience anymore.  I write for ME.

Yes, it could be considered selfish.  But I think that we all need just a little selfishness in our lives...a little doing what WE want to do instead of what we're expected to do or what we perceive we're expected to do. 

We need to be ourselves.  We need to tell our stories.  And if people want to look elsewhere for a more interesting story, that's fine.

Linds of Rocking Chair Reflections has a great post on stories today.  She also mentions Ashleigh's post on old-fashioned blogging.  Both are well worth the read.

They might even prompt you to tell your own story.


Linds said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the fact that you are writing again. My friend is back! Not that you were ever gone to me, you understand, but back here. I LOVE it. I also happen to love you as well. We have been through a lot together over the (many) years, haven't we? And seeing you over on Simple Stories made me SO happy! We are getting back to doing what we love to do. Not loveD. Love. Now. Let the storytelling commence...........

Jennie Benke said...

Yay! Awesome, Chris!!

Sandra said...

Isn't that the most freeing feeling??? When you write for yourself, because you want to, and not because you think that it's what others want to hear??? :)

I love my blog and once took a little break too but then came back with a vengeance, determined to be myself and tell my stories and it was the best thing I ever did :)

Coming over from Linds blog who I just love to death.

Hoping to read more of your stories :)

Vee said...

Here visiting on Linds' recommendation. How lovely to have the freedom to do just as you wish with blogging. Since I have recently been reevaluating the entire blogging "thing," I find this post timely. All the best with your second whirl around Blogdom!

Crystal said...

I'm here via Linds too :). And I do like your words about writing for one's self. I'm finding this line of thinking very inspiring this week.

Pam said...

Here via Linds as well. : ) I have learned the same thing about writing for myself. Looking forward to reading more, Chris. Nice to "meet" you!

Sandy @ The Scoop on Balance said...

I bet your writing will be so much more compelling now...and that will attract more readers. Ironically.


Sandy Cooper

Susanne said...

I have been thinking these thoughts exactly. It's been a struggle the last year to blog but I think it's because my focus changed and was going in the wrong direction for me. I finally just let go and blog just for me. If I post, I post, and if I don't, I don't. What freedom in that.

Snowbird said...

Some wounderful thoughts here.....over from Susanne....I always write for me too and always will.x