Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Here in the Midwest of these United States, we are facing a dilemma.


Today, driving into work I was met with SLEET.  In central Kansas, according to National Public Radio, roads are packed with ice and snow.

Clearly Spring has become a little lax.  Just because it worked overtime last year does not mean it is excused from appearing on time this year.

My first tomato and pepper plants were frozen solid, even though I took care to cover them.  The new plants are waiting in the garage until Spring shows its face for good in this area...whenever that may be.  I may be growing hothouse tomatoes and peppers this year.

In other news...

I signed up to take dinner to one of the families in our church.  Yesterday was the day, so I packed up the chicken noodle soup, salad and bread and made my way there.

However, (and there is always one of those, isn't there?) the lid was not quite on the container of soup.  Because of that, whenever I went down hills or turned corners, the broth seeped out.  Thankfully, I put the soup container on the floor of the car.  Not so thankfully, I didn't put it on a cookie sheet or in a pan.  And I am unable to clean the carpet today due to the weather (see above), so my car smells like cold chicken.

But the fun didn't end there...

I finally found the house and went to the door.  It was raining, and I couldn't use the umbrella because my hands were full of soup, slick from the dribbles, and I was also carrying the salad and bread.  I went up a flight of stairs and rang the bell.  A very nice lady came to the door, but she was a bit confused when I announced I had her dinner.

It seems I went to the wrong house.

Ten minutes later I drove up to the correct house and was able to deposit dinner, coo at the newborn little girl angel, and head back home.

My brain is due to be picked up at the cleaners after it has been refurbished.


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