Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Yesterday, dear friends, it was 85 degrees.

Spring is trying to fool me into transplanting my second set of tomatoes and peppers.  However, I will wait until this weekend to see what happens.  The mere mention of cold temperatures has me cautious.

Once fooled shame on you, twice fooled, shame on me!

Speaking of being fooled, the rabbits and squirrels have invaded the poor little plot I call a garden yet again.  I had so hoped for green beans this year!  Unfortunately, the critters had the same idea.  When last I checked, they'd dug up most of the bean seedlings.  The spinach is suffering much the same fate, although some of it actually got the chance to come up...before it was eaten.

Hubster has promised to build a cage-type apparatus to cover the bed before everything becomes dinner for wanton rodents.  However, that may take a while.  We move more slowly now that we are senior citizens.  This is one fact I'm constantly reminded of by AARP, God bless their little pointed heads.  As if I needed a reminder!

I find myself jonesing for some morel mushrooms this year.  Unfortunately, I know absolutely no place to get them, and if I did I'm sure they'd be outrageously priced. I'd hunt them myself if I knew where to look.  Unfortunately, being the no-so-outdoors type that I am, I'd probably get lost in the woods, break an ankle, and have to call in the Marines with a crane to get me out.

Not that I ever exaggerate...

Today is another brilliantly sunny, warm Spring day!  I plan to enjoy it.  Please feel free to do the same!

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