Monday, January 28, 2013


Way back in 2012, the Thursday that followed Christmas Day to be exact, an off-duty policeman totaled my daughter's car.  Three days later my son's car was also totaled.

The difference in these two seemingly unrelated instances is the insurance companies.

State Farm Insurance, the one that handled my son's wreck, came across smelling like a rose.  We had a check within a week of the accident to cover the cost of replacing his car.  He has had a replacement car since shortly after the accident.

FARMER'S INSURANCE, the company that STILL HAS NOT HANDLED MY DAUGHTER'S ACCIDENT, will be pulling the rental car from us tomorrow...even though we haven't seen hide nor hair of a check to replace her car.

Yes, I am naming names.  No more beating around the proverbial bush.

It has taken THREE WEEKS of emails and phone calls to get even a rental car from FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY.  FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY has frustrated us to the point of actually calling a lawyer in order to get this stupid wreck resolved. 

When we finally got the paperwork last week to fill out, we returned it the same day via FedEx.  Now we hear it may take up to TWO WEEKS for us to receive our check, in addition to the time we've already spent waiting. 

I think we should bill FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY for all the time spent trying to get this taken care of, not to mention the pain and suffering they refuse to pay because "we don't do that."  This, according to our claim representative.

Today I called the agent for the off-duty cop again to see what he could do to hurry the process along.  I am so frustrated at this point that I must admit getting a little heated under the collar with him.  It would not have been pleasant to deal with me.  In addition, I may or may not have told him about all the bad things I'm saying about FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY to any and everyone I meet or have ever met in my life.  I may have even suggested I would not recommend them to my DOG.

But that's purely hypothetical, of course.

We will give FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY until Friday to resolve this claim.  If that doesn't work, we'll call the lawyer back.

Maybe he can make a difference.

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