Monday, January 21, 2013

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Saturday we searched in vain for a replacement car for The Girl.

And by "searched" I mean we combed all of the car lots within thirty miles of home, hunting in all the little nooks and crannies for that ever-elusive deal.  You know, the one where they have the PERFECT late-model car with LOW miles, NO dings, and a salesperson willing to deal down to the depths of our price range.

Yeah, that one.

Apparently it, as well as the unicorn, are figments of our imaginations.

After checking places like and, I have come to several conclusions.
  1. The Girl has discriminating taste.  This means, of course, that she wants champagne on a beer budget, as well as a car that doesn't fit into hers.
  2. Salesmen are salesmen.  Or, no matter where you go, there you are.  The car salesmen may have looked like different people, but I have a sneaking suspicion they are all the same person wearing different people-suits.
  3. Each and every car on the planet is a) clean b) reasonably priced and c) drives "really good" (apparently car salesmen are not English majors)...regardless of whether any of those three things are true or not.
  4. "Low mileage" is a relative term.
We searched again today, broadening the scope, but came up empty once again.  The rental is due back on Thursday.

I will not fully panic until then.

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Susanne said...

"Low mileage is a relative term". Cracked me up, oh how true that is. Hope you find the perfect car.