Friday, January 18, 2013

Farmers Need Love, Too

The customer service rep from the People-Who-Grow-Crops insurance agency called today.

It seems as though we are getting full value for The Girl's car after all.

This, after only a week of struggling and emailing and sending quotes from various car dealers in the area back and forth to the agency.

When he called today, the customer service rep was MUCH more friendly and MUCH more helpful than he'd been during the original call.  It was almost a pleasure to deal with him.  He even extended the rental car coverage for a week!

However, due to the extreme hassle we had to go through in order to get this far, I would NEVER tell anyone to switch to this company (which shall remain unnamed).  In fact, I would strongly caution them against it.

Just as you can catch more bees with honey, you can catch more customers with treating people fairly the first time you deal with them.

Let that be a lesson to you, People-Who-Grow-Crops Insurance.

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Susanne said...

Glad it came through for you after all, bummer about all the hassle though.