Wednesday, May 02, 2012

They Come In Threes

The past week or so has been...challenging.

Last week the air conditioner gave up the ghost.  Fortunately, the weather hasn't been overly warm, so we have been able to make due with only the attic fan. 

But last night there was a wub-wub-wub sound, then a grinding sound, then a very loud metal-on-metal sound as the attic fan gave up the ghost.

I'm beginning to think we're haunted by the Ghost of Cooling Past.

In addition, my trusty 1999 Buick has been drinking antifreeze like it was Kool-aid.  Come to find out, the head gasket needs to be replaced.

Now, I don't know if you've been adding the cost of each item up in your head or not, but I certainly have.  I've also been adding it up on paper.  Suffice it to say the equation does not compute.  Not with our current income, anyway.

As such, we're prioritizing.  The car repair comes first, as I have to have a car to get to work, where I earn the sums necessary for the other repairs.  We're making due with box fans for the moment, although the allergy sufferers in the house (me included) are not happy.  The AC repair will be next, followed by the attic fan. 

In a perfect world where money was not an issue, we'd just go out and buy a new AC unit, a new car, and a new attic fan.  In the real world we'll just fix the old and hope it lasts until the kids get out of college.

I'm thinking retirement just got moved back another three years.  :)

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