Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Say Tornado, I Say Tomato

It turns out the haircut appointment that I took such care to reschedule was for April 30th, not April 23rd.

When I got to the hairdresser on Thursday night, so proud of myself for actually making it there, she broke the news to me.

"You do know your Monday appointment was for NEXT Monday, right?"

Uh, no.

I even argued with her that the appointment card she'd given me had April 23rd on it.  And I was so vehement in my certainty of the date written on the card that I got up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HAIRCUT to get it out of my purse to show her.

I showed her alright.  I showed her that April 30th was written on the card.

And in other news...

I read the Yahoo page today and couldn't help but wonder why people felt they had to build shelters for their tomatoes.  I mean, I can understand staking their plants, but a shelter was a little too much, in my humble opinion.  It was then that I re-read the headline, noted below:

More families building their own tornado shelters

I rest my case.

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Mandana said...

that's hilarious