Monday, May 07, 2012

I Just Won a NEW BMW and $500,000 CASH!!!

Thank goodness I have a spam-blocker on my email!

It didn't used to be so bad, the weirdly posts I got.  I hardly ever got any of the unseemly emails other people seem to get.  However, all that has apparently changed.

Just today I got not one, but multiple emails suggesting I could have "B**BS AS BIG AS BALLOONS!!!"

Sorry.  I already do.  The unfortunate part is that I have to push them out of the way before I do up my belt.

Then there are the "P**N*S ENLA**EMENT IN JUST DAYS!!!" emails I've been getting.

Again, sorry.  For obvious reasons.

Do human beings actually fall for this stuff?  Do people actually make money doing this? 

Mrs. Georgia O'Dowd is in the U.K. and suffering from (breast, brain, liver, kidney, pancreatic) cancer.  Her (husband, son, daughter) was killed in a (car, mining, horrific zoo) accident, and she has inherited 5,000,000,000,000 US dollars which she will GLADLY put into my bank account for safekeeping if I'll just give her the number.

People want to sell me all kinds of insurance.  They also want me to get "FREE (coffee, Subway sandwiches, IPads, steak dinners, massages) FOR LIFE!!!"

While I am not opposed to all the gifts, I was also raised to know that every cloud has a black lining.

The problem is, I get up to 150 of these things each day.  And being the OCD personage that I am, I cannot let them just be deleted from my computer without going through the list in order to make sure a REAL message doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  It bothers me to no end if I leave even one ("BALD PERSON GROWS HAIR!!!") title unread.  I never open the actual emails, because heaven knows how many more I'd get.

In the meantime, I'll just slog through reading the titles in my Spam box, hoping they diminish as time goes on.

But it makes me there anything at all that is good on this earth that someone hasn't tarnished for their own profit?

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