Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Garage Is No Longer For Sale

All week long The Girl, who is home from college for the summer, planned for us to do a huge garage sale this weekend.  She worked and worked at getting all manner of "treasures" hauled up from the basement and down from her room to sell.  She and her father organized and cleaned, arranged and rearranged things so they'd look just so.

Then Friday night it was my turn.  I was supposed to price everything, because lord knows, I know everything there is to know about pricing garage sale items and the going rates for old mirrors, tables, games, and prom dresses.

Sure, I do.

But Friday night came, and as happens most evenings I was ready to go upstairs to bed and read a book around 7:30 p.m.  I was wiped out.  In fact, had I gone downstairs to price items, I am quite sure there would have been tears involved and much snuffling and feeling sorry for myself.  Since I don't snuffle well, I decided I was not going to price anything that night.

This led to some consternation on the part of The Girl and Hubster, who had already done their parts.  Being as the sale was supposed to start bright and early TODAY, they couldn't very well sell things that had no price.

But I stuck to my guns and suggested we have the sale in two weeks instead.  That would give me plenty of time to price everything, and perhaps even get MORE treasures to sell.  Then I went to bed and fell fast asleep immediately.

The Girl and Hubster decided they would get up at dawn:thirty to price things and have the sale anyway.  At least that was the plan.  Following through was never a strong suit of my family.

AS such, I found myself downstairs this morning with the pricing pen in hand.  It was much easier than I thought it would be, and I was done in about an hour.

When The Girl finally arose around 11 a.m., she suggested that we go ahead and have the sale anyway.  No matter that we were about six hours late opening up!  People would still come!  We'd make lots of money NOW!!!

So we opened the doors, set out the signs, and waited for the veritable hoardes of customers.

All in all, we made about $60 before we closed the doors at 5 p.m.  That's about $50 more than I thought we'd make.  And because it went over so poorly, we've decided to do it again in two weeks.  There's still lots of treasure down there. 

We just need someone to find it and buy it.


Linds said...

And when that is done you can beetle over here with the Girl and the Hubs and do one or twenty for me too thankyouverymuch.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Never ever has one of my mother's sayings been more accurate!

Susanne said...

Too funny. I had a garage sale last weekend. Got rid of lots of little things that took up a whole bunch of space so that's a good thing. Hope you have better luck in a couple of weeks