Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Was Just Resting My Eyes So My Brain Followed Suit

The Boy graduated from high school.

I've been meaning to write and tell y'all this for some time, but I wanted to include photos.  As luck would have it, the photos are on another computer about ten miles from here.  When I remember the photos, I'm here.  When I'm with the photos, I tend to forget to write.

Such is the story of my life.

I honestly will post them sometime before he graduates from college...truly I will.  That is, if I can remember to do so.  Obviously, it is a High Priority with me right now. 

But not as high as sleeping seems to be.

My friend the Ambien seems to be failing me of late.  I take it every night like clockwork around 9 p.m., and I'm fast asleep by 10 p.m.  However, it doesn't last long.  Around midnight to one in the ayem, I find myself fully coherent and ready to start the new day!  Wide awake!  Full of energy!  Not a bit of sand in my eyes!  Ready to face the world!

But the world is still asleep.  And so I putter for the next four hours, trying to will myself into somnambulent submission.  I read.  I drink warm milk.  I count sheep.  I think boring thoughts.  Then, long about four in the ayem, or sometimes five, I go up to bed to resume my restful night of slumber.

The next thing I know, Hubster is patting my leg and telling me I only have fifteen minutes to get ready for work or I'll be late.

So I go back to sleep for another five minutes!  Only five more minutes!  I promise!...and I wake up ten minutes later with only five minutes to get ready for work.  I stumble around, bleary-eyed, and manage to make it to Starbucks.  Once there, I order an Americano, large, on ice. 

For those of you not immersed in Starbucks-speak, that equals four shots of espresso over ice.  Only today I had them add an extra shot, because I am asleep while walking.  This gets me through the better part of the day with at least one eye open at all times to avoid objects in my path.  However, it is not enough to make me coherent.  That, my friends, would take an Act of God.

Because of my insomnia issues, I called the office of my most esteemed sleep doctor today.  She is switching me to a different form of my friend Ambien at a higher dosage in hopes that I will be able to sleep the night through.

Is it nap time yet?

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