Friday, March 30, 2012

Confused and Confuseder

I don't get it.

How am I awake again at this time of night?  What strange organism takes over my somnambulistic tendency to sleep through the entire night, and instead wakes me up to write nonsensical blog posts?

I mean REALLY, folks.  We all know the Ambien has created a monster here.


And in other news:

When does it become OK for a property owner to verbally abuse a city worker for trying to do her job?  That very thing happened today in a meeting I attended regarding the repair and upgrade of the street in front of our workplace.

I have never see someone act like more of a jackass to another person, threatening to call the Director of her department as well as the Mayor of Our Fair City in order to get his way about things.  And all this for a one-week job of resurfacing the street.  He DEMANDED weekly meetings on updates because, after all, that was the way it was done the LAST time anything was done to the street over ten years ago.  He blathered on about how important he was and the power he held, and dropped names of people who could be called at home if he didn't get his way.

He ended up making a fool of himself in front of several prominent people on the committee instead.  No one likes a bully.  And no one liked him.

Why do people have to show what arses they can be?  Why can't they just work together to solve problems instead of making it uncomfortable and harder for everyone else?


Another thing I don't understand:

Why is it that if you go to Doctor A and he prescribes a medication for you that falls short of working, you can go to Doctor B and get him to up the dosage to a workable point.  However, because Doctor A is upset that Doctor B added a booster to the med, he won't give you the base medication anymore until a "little visit" is made to his office.  Which will mean blood work, probably x-rays, and a general physical that Doctor B has already done. 

Why can't they just work together?  (I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony....)

In the meantime, we poor peons go broke paying all the bills for the above.

Heavy sigh.


This has been another in a series of gripe posts, brought to you by the letter A, which stands for Ambien, that "part of the night you sleep well" aid which makes you ramble the rest.

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Gattina said...

I usually sleep very well, but it also happened to me that suddenly a wonderful post (in my opinion) slipped into my mind and I have to get up, write it down and then I can fall asleep again ! lol !
In our country when you don't agree with your doctor, you can ask him to transmit you whole file to another one, or you ask a copy and you do it yourself. Finally it's your body and the check ups belong to you ! You payed for it !