Monday, March 26, 2012

The UnPost

Why is it that a blank page can be so darned intimidating?

I have been trying to write a post here for the past five hours, and all I can come up with is this inane idea that I should be saying something, but I can't figure out WHAT.  The imaginative mind, which is so very fertile at times other than this, has become a dust bowl of massive proportions. 

It makes me want to shake myself to see if there's anything inside that will come out.

Instead, I keep mumbling that phrase we all say at times like this..."Gottawriteapost, gottawriteapost, gottawriteapost...."

It's as if by intoning those magic sounds blog fodder will appear out of thin air.  Unfortunately, such is not the case tonight.  However, I take comfort in the fact that my un-imagination is a malady we all suffer from time to time.

I just wish my time was over.

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