Monday, November 14, 2011

2,437 People and a Hot Tub

This weekend I have grand hopes.

This is the Second Annual Family At The Lake Weekend, where all of us gather in a couple of condos for a couple of nights to eat, drink and be merry.  We're going about three weeks earlier than we did last year, which is fine by me.  The weather is supposed to be in the 60's, the sun is supposed to shine, and best of all...


These arthritic bones cannot wait!

While I know I will not be allowed to just sit in the tub and listen to books all weekend, I must admit the thought has crossed my mind.  And now that I can actually fit into a bathing suit, that makes it just a little more appealing than before.

I mean let's face it...the water displacement BEFORE weight loss would have practically drained the tub, given the fact that I could even get into it in the first place.  There wouldn't have been room for anyone else!

Now, however, I plan to prune up.  No's too cool for them.  Not TOO cold, not too hot...I think I'll feel like Goldilocks.  Just keep me hydrated and keep the battery in my MP3 player charged and away from the water.

Of course, there will be games.  Eldest Son has already warned us to come prepared.  I have to admit, last year's fun fest was one where I laughed so hard I thought I'd split.  This one will be hard pressed to beat it! 

There will be shopping.  Hours of shopping, since there are many stores with Great Bargains close to where we will be staying.  This is where we begin the dreaded Christmas shopping (which I've already begun, but don't tell anyone).

And there will be food.  Lots and lots of food.  Enough to eat for every hour of every day.  Cookies and chips and nuts and veggies and fruit and salads and pasta and biscuits and gravy and donuts and sweet rolls and candy and who knows what else.  More food than you can shake a stick at.  More food than a small country could consume in a year.  Only our small country will eat it and more in just two days.

And there will be a view.  A beautiful view of the lake, from a deck.  With a chair, and books.  I can almost hear myself relaxing as I write.

I'll try to remember the camera to get shots of all 2,437 of us along with the scenery.  I bet you'll feel like you're there!

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