Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So I Lied

It isn't this coming weekend.

It was last weekend.

I didn't want the burglars among my readers to come and steal my Precious Jewels and Stacks of Money, so I did a post-it-later when I wrote the last post on Friday last.

The weekend, it was grand.  We played, we slept, we ate, I sat and stared at the lake with nary a recorded book in my ears.  Just the sound of the water lapping against the shore, and me in the lounge chair, staring out at the water.  The weather was fine and warm.  We had our own room on our own floor of the condo away from the hustle and bustle of the under-40 crowd, complete with two televisions, living room, bath, and sliding glass doors that led out onto our own private deck from both the living room and bedroom.

Spoiled much?

Shopping was the only horror of the weekend.  The stores were PACKED OUT.  Parking was at a premium, and lines for the fitting rooms were so long that I didn't try on the items I bought.

Big mistake.

While the blouses were fine in most areas, it still seems the girls are a bit larger than the average bears.  I managed to get a size too small in button-down blouses, and the gap in front resembles the Grand Canyon.  Thankfully, there is a store of this chain nearby so I should be able to exchange them for a larger size.

Getting a little cocky with the weight loss thing, here.

On the way back home from the weekend we learned that Dad's wife had passed away.  The funeral will be next week sometime, so things will be up in the air for Thanksgiving.  I don't know what Dad will want to do.  He talked about moving back here to live, then staying where he is, then moving to assisted living....I think he's just confused right now.  He needs time to sort things out.

The RA is here in full force today.  I guess that's what I get for lying.

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Linds said...

So where are the photos of the 2,437 of you all then?????? Huh???Huh????

It sounds blissful. well, apart from the shopping. How dare all those people spoil your planned sauntering through empty malls? And what happened to the recession then??

I need to see photos. Especially ones of you in that bathing costume, please.......