Friday, October 21, 2011

I Put the Pro in Crastinator

My IN box runneth over.

I hate going through mail.  Despise it.  I don't know if it's the sorting or the signing off on the bills or the distributing or the throwing away or the what, but at the moment you couldn't fit another piece of mail in my box if your life depended on it.

So tomorrow I'll take care of it.  First thing.  Really.

And I'll clean off my desk.  Right after I finish those payroll reports for the past two pay periods, and order phones for a new program.  And I'll do that right after I get the headsets ordered for the IT Department.  And then there are those pesky birthday cards to be gotten, and I really need to make sure we have some teabags in the break room.

But I've been a little busy lately.

I just finished a budgeted furniture order for almost the entire building.  It was supposed to be done and installed by now, but it kind of wasn't.  Which is to say that the information took much longer to gather than originally thought.  Rooms had to be measured, things discussed, re-measured, approved, denied, approved, sent to committees, boards, etc.  The final approvals have still not come through.  It takes a long time to ever purchase anything new at a not-for-profit type of place.  And rightly so.  We don't ever want the donors to think we're frittering away donated dollars on silly things.

But this?

Let me just say that we've had the same furniture in this building they had in the early 80's when the place was first occupied.  What has broken down or been replaced since then was done so with hand-me-downs from other businesses or cheap pasteboard stuff.  Needless to say, when the workmen were here occupying the planet for nine months and using the furniture as ladders, it did not fare well.  More of it broke and bent and got scratched and dinged up than before.  And that didn't even count the side chairs that had faded from pink to light gray.

So you can see what an enormous task this was.  As it is, fully one quarter of our people will not get new furniture for their offices this go-'round.  Hopefully within the next couple of years, but not now.  In the meantime we'll just tape the laminate back to the particle board and hope they still carry the same style a couple of years from now.

Because it may take me that long to get the order ready, and even longer to get it approved.

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