Thursday, October 20, 2011

Further Insight Into My Fashion Sense, Or Lack Thereof

I may or may not have mentioned that it is now chilly in these parts of late.

As such, I have been forced to bring out the warmer versions of the things that keep me from running around naked.  Only due to the fact that I have lost some weight since this time last year, those garments have become few and far between.  And since Hubster's retirement, the coffers have been a bit less full, so no new clothing has been purchased.

This morning I decided to try a snappy little black cardigan with a white stripe running through it at horizontal intervals.  I paired it with a sleeveless black turtleneck shell that was faded from too many washings and the inevitable pair of black slacks - my only pair that fits.  The slacks have been worn to work daily for the past several months.

I wonder if anyone has caught on yet?  Let me rephrase that....I wonder if there's anyone who HASN'T caught on yet?

Add to that the black socks and the black shoes, and I look positively funereal.

But that's not all.  Let's incorporate yet another layer of sophistication and style to the whole picture.

Earlier today I was speaking with the wife of The Boss, and I noticed she was wearing a sweater that was similar to mine.  However, hers didn't button up the front.  It was a pullover.

"Ha!" thought I.  "A true mark of my innate taste!"

As it turns out, truer words were never thunk.

Being as it was a bit chilly in the room, I pulled my cardigan over my still-substantial chesticals.  It was then I noticed them.

Not the girls, but the glaring bleach spots on the front of the cardigan.  Dime-sized and a sickly sort of greyish color.  Three of them, to be exact.

My cardigan was done for.  RUIRNT.  And I had done wore it out in front of God and ever-one just like I was someone with some sense.

Which just goes to show you.

I politely made some excuse about having to go pee or something and headed off to the bathroom to assess the damage.  And lo, it was dire.  So I did the only thing a good ol' trashy kind of girl like me knows to do.

I took a black Sharpie marker and colored the bleach spots in.

While it doesn't do anything for the washed-out shell, it will suffice for the day on the cardigan issue.

And I think we'll be dipping into the savings account for some new duds in the near future.

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