Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obviously Some Alien Being Has Taken Over My Body

And believe you me, they can have it!

But more to the point, I came home from work tonight and actually used a bit of CREATIVITY to prepare a meal!

"Egad!" you shout.  "Has all sense left this woman???  Is she beyond hope???"

Negative, my friends.  I think I just overdosed on the Food Network and too much  It's a sickness.  Those who can' those who can.  And read about them.  And collect recipes.


Tonight we have yet to partake of this glorious conglomeration.  I'm hoping it's edible. 

If I don't show up here for another three months, call the paramedics.  Or the NRA, or PETA or whatever other acronym you can think to call.

I'll be here, fork in hand.

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