Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love This Woman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please let me introduce you to one of the most caring, empathetic physicians I have the honor to know.

Her name is Dr. Sarah Hon, and I am so very pleased that she is my neurologist.

You may remember when I was in the midst of the RA Flare From Hell a couple of weeks ago.  I went to the rheumy and he couldn't fix me or do anything to help.  He suggested I go to my neurologist and see what she had to say.  Unfortunately, the first available appointment was September 19th.

Un.  Good.

Thankfully, and probably because I kind of started crying on the phone when they told me I'd have to wait that long (DRAMA QUEEN), they got me in today.  And when Dr. Hon heard what had been going on, she was ON TOP OF IT in NOTHING FLAT.  MRI, EMG, blood tests, partridge in a pear tree, tea and sympathy, valium, and plenty of samples of expensive drugs I just happened to have run out of recently.

God bless her and the horse she rode in on!

I may not know what's going on right now, but at least I have the assurance she will get to the root of the problem and KICK IT IN THE TAIL for me.

She is Woman, she is Doctor, she is AWESOME. 

Hear her ROAR.

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Lindie said...

You are back! I had sort of stopped checking, so it's very nice to see you! And how sweet that you like your new doctor so much...she sounds sympathetic and on the ball.