Friday, August 26, 2011

Today Is Mental Health Day. Got Any I Can Borrow?

Today I'm having several tests run, so I decided to take a full sick day off.  The tests aren't taking all day, but I am. 

I'm in need of some R & R.

It's been really stressful at work lately with some things about some stuff happening, and the past three weeks have made me want to tear out my hair.  Yesterday I didn't get to take lunch until after 2 p.m., and when I started for the elevator to go downstairs I got stopped with another emergency phone call to handle.  After that crisis was averted I informed the person at the front desk that I was going to lunch, I was not available for anything other than the building falling down around her ears, I was not to be paged, looked for or even THOUGHT of for the next half hour, and I exited stage left.

Then someone found me in the breakroom in front of the microwave and wanted me to order a cell phone.

I blew up.  I YELLED.  I told him to GO AWAY.  In a Very Loud Voice.  I was not kind.

And then I took my food and hid in a storage closet with no phone and sat in the dark and ate it and breathed for half an hour.

I was much better when I emerged, but I also realized it was time I took a moment or so to unwind.

So amid the bloodtests of the morning and the picking up of the prescriptions, and before the scans of the afternoon, I am here at the local Starbucks doing just that.  Unwinding.  Breathing.  Drinking coffee.  Writing. 


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