Friday, June 03, 2011

We Are Finally of Age

Yesterday Hubster and I celebrated our 21st anniversary of wedded matrimonial bliss and togetherness while being the two who became one forever and ever amen.

Only "celebrated" is a somewhat relative term.

Because Hubster, faulty memory and all, agreed to babysit all day yesterday and most of the evening last night.  He had Little Man and Sweetie Pie all day, then when I got home from work he took Little Man to softball practice.  When Little Man's mom got to our place, she traded Princess for Sweetie Pie because Princess needed a bottle and/or to be fed and was not feeling well due to teething and/or an ear infection.  She took Sweetie Pie to the practice with Little Man to watch, and I got to cuddle Princess and make her feel better by rocking and feeding her.

Because that's what grandmas do.

And bless her little heart, she snuggled right up to me and cuddled back.

Then Grandpa and Mommy and Little Man and Sweetie Pie all got back from practice, and Mommy decided to take Princess to Urgent Care to see if she really had an ear infection.  Grandpa went, too, so that he could snag some Happy Meals from McDonald's for the kiddoes. 

Then we went outside to play and weed the garden.

Grandpa got back with "dinner," (and I use that term loosely as well) and everyone ate before Mommy returned with Princess.  No ear infection - just cutting teeth.  Poor baby. 

And then everyone went home.

At 8:30 p.m. Grandpa and I settled down to a gourmet meal of leftover chili...but not before a big prayer of thanks for the 21 years we've had with each other and our "his, mine and ours" family.

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Susanne said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!