Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lettuce Break Bread Together

Hubster thinks I'm nuts.

Let me hasten to add this is certainly not far from the truth, however he believes me to be even more on the wacky side than usual.  I believe it all began when I started talking to my garden.

I have heard the notion of talking to common houseplants makes them grow.  That's my excuse for talking to the four tomato plants, gazillion onions, three pepper plants, cucumber plant, row of turnips, row of lettuce, and row of beans.  Of course, I didn't come up with that excuse until Hubster asked me why I was acting loonier that usual while weeding the garden the other day.

I tend to be a little forceful with the crabgrass that pops up and has roots that go down to the center of the earth.  "Take THAT!" I say, " And DON'T COME BACK!!!"

At the same time I croon little ditties to my tomatoes, which have yet to produce an actual offspring.  There have been plenty of blossoms, mind you, but no actual fruit yet.  I fear it may take much more encouragement before they actually produce.  The peppers, on the other hand, are my star pupils.  There are babies everywhere I look!  And if I don't thin out the turnips soon, all I'll have is greens.  The beans just popped out of the ground yesterday. 

I do take a personal interest these days in how my little garden family is growing.  And as such, I tend to chide them for not doing as well as I think they should, or praise them for prospering.  Out loud, where everyone, including Hubster, can hear. 

After all, they don't talk back.  And if they do, Hubster can truly call me loony. 

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Susanne said...

Maybe I need to start chatting with mine. Mind you I only have patio pots of tomatoes and peppers but they definitely need some encouraging after all the rain and cloudy weather we've had.