Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not That I Mean To Brag

Today I swept the floor.

Well, most of it. I didn't quite get to the kitchen or the office or the dining room, but I did manage to get to the living room and front hallway. A stellar performance, even if I do say so myself. I even picked up a few things here and there.

You may now applaud with gusto.

The flare with which I have been dealing for the past weeks seems to want to hang around. Due to that, I have felt like doing mostly nothing of late. Last night the hip joints kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning even with my friend Ambien, and they continued to feel as though I had been doing butt cheek clenches for seventeen hours straight today. This even with the liberal application of a heating pad and taking off work and staying in bed until eleven ayem in the morning.

So I called my friend the chiropractor and went to visit him at two. I explained that I had a monster, and you could almost see him get excited at the prospect. He loves a good challenge, does he. He did the acupuncture thing after doing the kinesiology thing and talked about how allergies to foods and chemicals could cause a lot of what was going on.

He does like to research things.

So much so that he almost didn't fix the hip joints that were giving me fits. I had to stand in front of the door and threaten not to leave until he actually cracked some bones. Thankfully, my threats of a sit in worked and now I feel much better, although not 100%.

Actually, I threatened to sit ON him. Now THAT got his attention!

So I've been researching all kinds of treatments for this monster. Some of them include taking drugs that compromise your immune system. As a matter of fact, most of the treatments available from rheumatologists do that very thing. The warnings on some of the drugs even say scary things like "may cause lymphoma," so I'm naturally trying to learn all I can before even thinking about subjecting myself to anything.

The bad part is that there don't seem to be any viable natural treatments in view yet. There are things that help, yes. Chiropractic is one, massage is another.

And yes, I take full advantage of the massage whenever possible. Eat your heart out.

In the meantime I'm resting when I'm tired, letting things go that don't matter, (including housework) and trying to take life with a grain of salt.

And I'm taking the victories where I can.

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