Saturday, September 04, 2010

Great Day In The Morning

The Girl is home for the holiday, so she and I went to meet Sis for coffee this morning. Her metabolism being what it is, she had both a cinnamon roll AND a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

Um, can anyone say "Freshman Fifteen?"

Truth be told, she says she's been eating junk food so much that she longs to come home - so I can cook for her.

If I knew how to smile wryly in print, I would.

*wry smile*

The Boy is on a mission these days. He is trying to single-handedly amass the greatest amount of speeding tickets in the shortest amount of time possible and set a new world's record.

Or so it seems.

He's up to two this month alone.

Of course, since he got the tickets, he will be paying for the tickets - or at least the lawyer who will negotiate with the judge to keep them off of his record. He'll have to pay twice as much, but at least his insurance won't go up.

And that's what it's all about in the end, right? The money will have to go somewhere, and better the municipality than the insurance company.


At least The Boy will have learned a valuable lesson (or two) from the whole debacle.

One can only hope.

Today I'm feeling fine as frog hair so I plan on being twice as scarce. (I just made that up.) (Not really.)

I'm thinking today is the day to start in decluttering some of the house, getting rid of a bunch 'o stuff. So I'm gonna get me a trash sack and a box and some rags and some cleaning stuff and go for it. Anyone want to take bets on how long I last?

In the meantime, y'all enjoy your day!

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Debbie said...

Floors swept AND decluttering..... you're on a roll!!!! Glad you're feeling froggy lately!!! Hope it continues!