Friday, August 27, 2010

A Better Day

It's another glorious day!

I am feeling better than I have in DAYS. It could be the venti-iced-mocha-non-fat-with-whipped and cranberry/orange scone I picked up on the way to work this morning. They always have a way of brightening my day.

Or it could be the pretty pain pills they gave me yesterday to make me stop with all the hysterics in the doctor's office.

I'm voting for a combination of both.

In other news...

The Girl is coming home this weekend to pick up a printer for her computer. Somehow it was forgotten in all the moving confusion, and she has found she needs it desperately and must make a trip home for the whole weekend just to retrieve it.

She isn't the least bit homesick at all.

Of course, she's ordered Chicken Marsala for dinner Saturday night. And of course, she'll get it. She'll sleep in her own bed since Grandma is going home today. We might even have an argument or two for old time's sake.

It will be good to see what the new dynamic is, now that she's a "woman fully growed" and on her own coming back home for the first time. A new learning experience for us all.

It's certainly been a learning experience for Hubster and me. With The Boy working a part-time job most evenings, it's just the two of us for dinner. I've been used to cooking for four (or five most nights, since The Boyfriend usually ate with us) with a little left over for my lunch the next day. Nowadays it seems it's hardly worth it to make a meal. It's quite a change.

One thing for sure, we're spending a whole lot less on groceries! And it seems The Girl is spending a whole lot more.

Almost every day I get a call asking me how to make one of the family favorites we have at home. Last night it was Chicken Spaghetti. And it's not just one call, but step-by-step calls.

"OK, I added the vegetables. Now what do I do?" "How much chicken do I use for four people?" "What do I do if I accidentally poured out the chicken broth?"

I love it all. I love the fact that she calls. I love the fact that she asks. I love the fact that she actually thinks I know something she wants to know.

And most of all, I love her.

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Linds said...

I can just see your grin. I am so glad the girl is coming back for the weekend. Perfect. You can give her a huge hug, and see how much she will have grown up for yourself. And by the way, everything you do from cooking to washing will be WRONG. Just sayin'. Warning!!I speak from long experience, of course. Heaven knows how I managed to raise them all to adulthood intact.