Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Must Be A Full Moon When You're Counseled About Poop

I can tell I'll be howling tonight.

Honest to pete, this has been a day I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. And forgive me, Joyce Meyer, but I'm about to do some mighty complaining here. It may not be a godly thing, but I need a little vent time.

(Side note: I'm feeling guilty about this because I watched Joyce Meyer on television this weekend and she was ALL OVER me about how much I complain. She wants me to STOP IT, ALREADY, because it doesn't do anyone any good.

As much as I love you, Joyce, upon occasion it does a body good to let out all the pent-up steam. That's what a good cry is for, and that's what complaining is for. Although I don't recommend it on a daily basis, it can't hurt once in a while.)

And now....ON WITH THE VENT!!!

I've had a very bad day.

The End.

Seriously? There were problems at work. Then we've been under no small amount of stress because a dear friend had a mental breakdown. Then someone dared to chastise me for eating a donut. (He barely came away with his head attached.) Then I lamented to a group of people on an online board about eating the donut out of stress, and was told I needed to get my poop together and get counseling to keep from stress-eating.

It's just one of those days where you want to go out and kick a dog. A stuffed one, of course.

Although if I got online to an anger support board they'd probably tell me to get my poop together and go for for counseling to keep from kicking stuffed dogs.

So in short, Joyce Meyer, work, friend, donut, poop, counseling, stuffed dog, counseling.

And maybe some more poop and counseling for good measure.

Tomorrow will be better.


Linds said...
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Linds said...

Vent away, m'dear. So WHY is it bad to have a donut? I personally think you are entitled to eat what you choose.
I identify. My day has been dire too, and it ended up with me slithering around in the attic on my stomach because I CAN'T KNEEL CAN I, trying to pave a way for the aerial man to plough through the boxes. You know...to actually reach the TV aerial. That was after my daughter told me my blog had a big red warning sign on it saying it would harm her computer. And after twitter broke. And THEN after I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. It has expired.

PASS THOSE DONUTS PLEASE.......I need 2. Or 3.

(I deleted this comment when I saw the million typos. I have attempted to write english this time, not gobbledegook.)

Chris said...

Oh Linds! You made me LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. when I read your comment. Misery does love company!

And BTW, you can't possibly have made your phone expire. Because, m'dear, your first twitter of the day woke me up at 6-ish AYEM. :)
I keep the phone by my bed and have the alarm set to go off to wake me up in the morning...and wake me up it did!