Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Now Return You To Our Regularly Scheduled Human

It's tomorrow. At least for now, anyway.

And while I'm still feeling a bit snarky toward certain individuals, at least I'm not using the highly effective tool of CRYING AT THEM to retaliate.

("Take THAT!" she said, flinging tears all over his mean and totally unfeeling person.)

As if looking at the glow from my horrendously red nose wasn't punishment enough....sheesh.

Also, in an act of utter defiance, I ate a cinnamon roll today. JUST BECAUSE IT WAS BAD FOR ME. That'll show 'em. Mess with ME??? I THINK NOT!!!

And now, back to a somewhat more sane level. As if there was such a thing on this blawg.

The Girl has been under quite a bit of stress at school, being as she has found the University is somewhat different scholastically than the typical high school.

Which is like saying water is a bit different from ice.

Because of the above, and because I enjoy the challenge, WE have been taking her Freshman Composition course together. And I am proud to say that WE got a 96% on OUR last paper. This eased the tension of the new situation quite a bit, so the ME in the WE will be slowly backing out. Although I do love writing me a good paper every now and then. But I've already passed my Composition class, so I live vicariously through The Girl's.

I almost can't wait for The Boy to begin college.


Linds said...

Now why don't we sign up for college. I tell you, we would ace the classes now because we are literate!!! And we can think original thoughts! And hey, we could just have fun! And we would be there because we WANT to be there!
Excuse me....where is my cinnamon roll? And have you trued making Pioneer Woman's ones yet? I do believe the recipe makes about 12. That should be just enough for us.

Linds said...

Here we go again... TRIED