Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Much Information for a Monday Night

I'm sitting here at the moment on my bed while I wait for the Loving Care Beige Blonde to do magic on my gray.

Of course, to keep the color from getting on my clothes or towels or underwear or anything else, I'm pretty much in a state the normal human being would not like to think of me being in, other than the plastic bag on my head.

And that's about as far as we'll go with that.

You see, my Most Excellent Hairdresser told me, the usual Medium Ash Brown, that this would be a good idea. Several months ago I had my hair highlighted at a bargain barn price, and I haven't been able to get back with the bargain barn hairdresser to do it again yet.

And doesn't that just send a warm, tingly feeling of utter confidence down to your very toes when I refer to her that way?

Actually, she is VERY good and VERY competent and VERY sought after. She also happens to be my cousin that lives 250 miles south of here. That's the reason we happen to have a little bit of a hard time getting together.

So my Most Excellent Hairdresser told me that in the meantime I could use Loving Care to hide the gray and give the appearance of having an honest-to-goodness highlight job done, because Beige Blonde will only cover my gray and not change the color of the rest of my hair since it has no peroxide. It's taken me over a month to get up the courage to do this, so we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, Hubster has gone on a mercy run to meet The Girl halfway to school. It seems there were some Very Important Items she just HAD to have that were inadvertently left at home during the Big Move yesterday. I took the time to not only dye my hair, but to have the mental breakdown and bawlfest I missed out on yesterday when we left her in that godforsaken place at school.

By the way, at last count? She's called me four times today, texted me twice, and classes don't even start until tomorrow. I'm hearing from her now more than I did when she was here.

Make that six texts.

Far from home, but not far from my heart.


Linds said...

I switch on the computer, log into blogger, and this is the first thing I read. My coffee is all over me, and I laughed till I cried, then, when I could actually breathe and speak, had to read the whole thing to my mother, friend Jean, David, and Marge, and I laughed till I cried again, and so did they. My eyes are now slits. And I have hiccups.
I absolutly have to see the end result. Photos, please!! And Chris, it is really good to have you back posting agâin.

Debbie said...

Been there done that with the hair - hope yours comes out better than mine did! Hahaha!!!! So glad to hve you back!!!

Jules K said...

It's good to hear she misses you. :-)