Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clearing the Cobwebs

Well, then.


*tap tap*

Is anyone still out there?

It seems as though I've been MIA lately. Not really my fault, of course. There have been Things of Great Importance happening in these here parts, and I just kind of fell into a non-blogging chasm. The thing about those chasms is, darn 'em, they don't have stairs or elevators, so it makes it kind of hard to climb back out once you fall in.

And we'll talk more about the lack of elevators later.

And so the un-writing, the bloglessness, kind of took over until I was very happy just reading y'all's recounts of daily life without inputting my own. And yea, verily, TWO WHOLE PEOPLE missed me.


At least I don't do this for a living. For that small blessing I'm sure many are very thankful.

It seems a recap of the past few months would be in order here.

The office situation is dire. Dire, indeed. And if I could think of a word worse than dire or a superlative of dire, you can bet I'd be using it now. Three floors of people are crammed on one floor in itty bitty cubicles. There is no privacy. There are no office doors to shut against the onslaught of noise, the cacophony of those who will not understand that their voices carry above and beyond the "walls" of their cubicles. We are allowed headphones to listen to books or music so as to drown out the constant racket but I'm here to tell you they don't work. Unless, that is, you turn the volume up loud enough to contribute to overall deafness, in which case they would.

Captain Obvious rides again.

Add to that the fact that one person who is a permanent resident of the building is constantly coming to me with petty little complaints about us, due to the fact that we are actually BREATHING in that person's space, and you can see why we all want to vacate and go "home" as soon as possible.

On a positive note...well, let me think about that one.

Secondly, as mentioned in a previous post, June 15th brought about the fourth grandchild, Cutie's new little brother.

Honestly, can you not just eat him up? He's two months old today, but he was only two weeks old when this picture was taken.

The onesie he's wearing says "I'm the Baby Brother" and matches the shirt I got for his big sister that says, coincidentally, "I'm the Big Sister."

Funny how that works.

We've only been to visit once since he was born since they live out of town. But if anything can get this Nana to drive a couple of hours, it's him!

Next on the list, Hubster had a birthday. He's officially a Senior Citizen now, eligible for Medicare. He only works part-time and is milking the "retired" part of his life for all it's worth.

Of course, to me that only means that now he can cook dinner after I spend a long, hard day at the office.

And then again, pigs may fly out of my behind at any given moment, too. Stranger things have happened.

Then came grandchild number five. This time it was a girl, born on 8/9/10. I doubt we'll ever forget her birthday!

Little Man and Sweetie Pie welcomed 8 lb 12 oz Dolly into their lives like they'd been waiting for her forever. And that was almost true, being as Dolly was a week late!

Mom and Dolly are doing fine, just now settling in to life at home. This is another one that needs some serious cuddling, and since they're in town I plan to get that job done and done well.

Last, but certainly not least, we moved The Girl into her dorm at the university today. And, terrible mother that I am, I didn't take a single picture. Not of the dorm, not of her roommate, not of the room...nothing.

I should be hung from the flagpole on campus, wherever that is.

See? I don't even know THAT!

What I DO know is that the dorm has no elevator.

Let me reiterate that for those of you who are reading impaired.


Which meant that this OFL (Old Fat Lady) had to hike her behind up approximately 3,439 stairs just to reach her floor, not to mention the half-mile stroll down the hall to her room. Thank goodness we had Pseudo Daughter, The Boy and Boyfriend along with us! Otherwise, the bookcase, futon, and everything else Hubster and I couldn't carry in one trip would just be sitting by the dorm door.

We are a sad lot, we are.

She did manage to get us to leave (read PUSHED US OUT THE DOOR) before bedtime, however I do believe Hubster has called her every hour since we got home.

Oh, I kid. He's only called every other hour. I skyped her between times.

So for us, it's a different world. And for her as well. However, I'm thinking she'll be missing us a lot less than we miss her.

And that's as it should be.


danelle said...

I'm still here and reading!

I'm glad for the update - all mostly good news!

(btw I am in the chasm as well - pft)

Debbie said...

Well, it's nice to FINALLY hear from you again!!! But, with all those cute babies floating around, I can see why you have been MIA!!! I would be too! Your life seems to be asw crazy and hectic as mine.... hang in there!!!

Linds said...

I AM HERE TOO, and for the life of me I CAN'T UNDERSTAND why I am just seeing this post now. I seem to be shouting.
Hello my friend. Oh how I grin when you write, and I can juts see it all. I identify fully with the 30975879303841 stair thing. Oxygen should be provgidied every 100 steps.
That photo of your daughter is absolutely stunning. And please tell her I am wishing her the very best time at college.
Now I need to go and comment on the hair post, which has the entire house rolling around here.....

Jules K said...

Did I know about baby #2? Or did I miss out on baby #1? Because I only remember seeing one set of baby photos so your butt is grass my friend. GRASS.