Sunday, April 04, 2010

Vacation Part Deuce - A Room With A View

When last we left Our Heroine, she was not a happy camper.

The "lake view" of the "cabin" was so "small" it could barely be "seen," and she appeared to have developed a "propensity" for using "quotation marks."


Off to the office I went the next morning. I explained I had specifically requested lake view accommodations, and I didn't consider what I got to be a lake view. If anything it was a "pool view" or an "other cabin view," but it certainly was not a "lake view." It was more of a "lake glimpse."

It was there I learned there is a distinct difference between "lake view" and "lake front." The difference is that if you want to actually SEE the lake, you need to pay $10 more per night and ask if you could pretty please have a LAKE FRONT view. This I was willing to do.

For the next two nights this is the view I had from the rocking chair just outside my room.

Say it with me now...


There was a cool breeze blowing off of the lake all day long. During the day the few other residents took off to enjoy watersports and other tourist attractions and left the place to me to enjoy by myself. I ate when I got hungry and slept when I wanted to sleep. I read and thought and prayed. I was lazy.

And I thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it. I left there Friday morning more relaxed than I've been in the past two years. My shoulders finally came down from up around my ears where they've been the past couple of months and I can actually move my jaw again rather than having it almost frozen in one position.

Life is good.

I need to record this with surround sound to replay on tense days. The sound of the lake, the feel of the breeze, the view, the feel of the rocking chair. If I could encapsule that entire experience in a one-hour feel-good-and-relax egg that people could sit in for a lunch hour...

I'd go broke in no time.

Because there's nothing like the real thing.


Jules K said...

I'm so glad you got to get away and unwind! What a blessing.

Linds said...

Ah - a great improvement. I may just have stayed a little longer!