Saturday, April 03, 2010

Honey, I Broke the GPS - Vacation, Part One

Sad, but true.

You may remember that Hubster, in his infinite wisdom, purchased a GPS for me for my birthday last year. Unfortunately, in a move only I could make, I broke it.

You see, the console between the front seats of the car just would not close one day after I opened it to dig something out. And rather than find out why it wouldn't close, I just kept banging the lid down until it did.

Oh yes, I did.

The next time I needed to use the GPS? Cracked screen. Big time useless. Guess where I stored it and what just happened to be in the way when I tried to close the console?

Uh huh.

So Wal-Mart and I became close friends when I found the same model was on sale. After all, it was a year and a half older now. And I obviously needed it for my little vacation. So I got it. And let me be the first to say it was a good thing I did. I never would have found the place I vacated to without it.

Remember the bargain barn cabin with the lake view I told you about last time? Here's a photo of a reasonable facsimile or two of the "cabin" I reserved, taken from the deck of the one I was in. Several cabins surrounded mine, but mine seemed to be the only one occupied.

It really wasn't a bad little place, even though it was old, except for the fact that it was musty-smelling and lacked one very important thing. Let's see if you can guess what that is as you take a look at the following photos.

Bedroom area to the immediate right of the loveseat, circa 1980.

Kitchen/dining/living area. Sliding glass door to the left. Bathroom door visible on the left. Of note: Tasteful chandelier over equally tasteful dining room furniture. Harvest gold refrigerator, circa 1975.

The pool, as seen from my little deck. It was too cold to use, not that I would be caught dead in a bathing suit anyway, and was covered until warmer weather.

And then there was the view...

The lovely, restful, beautiful lake view. What? You can't see the lake? It's that postage stamp-sized piece up there on the top of the photo. The main reason I came to this place to begin with. The "lake view" that was advertised was supposedly best seen from my little cabin.
Yup, I was a little bit less than happy about this.

Next: A Change of Venue

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