Friday, March 19, 2010

Reunited and I Don't Feel Good

My 35th high school reunion is coming up in June.

This is strange, considering I would have been only five when I graduated. Plus thirteen, but we drop the one and carry the three off to some unknown province, so it doesn't really matter now, does it? And it really doesn't matter in the least because guess what?


I know how I am, and I know how all those other people will be, too. I can hear it now...

"Oh my word, where did all those extra chins come from, and how on earth could she have let herself get in that awful shape?"

"She could pack a week's worth of clothes in the bags under her eyes."

"Did someone invite the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Woman to the reunion? Because she's over there masquerading as..."

"I used a GPS to get here, but it's obvious she used the roadmap that her face has become. Have you ever seen so many wrinkles?"

And my favorite...

"She used to have SUCH A PRETTY FACE..."

No thank you. Maybe when I lose 150 pounds I'll attend a reunion. That is, if anyone is still alive to party with me.

Until then? Pass the chips and dip. I've got blogs to write!


Linds said...

My 40th reunion is next year. Can't believe it. However, the class of 71 is scattered all over the wolrd, and only the seriously wealthy will be making the trip to SA for a reunion. I chat to them on facebook and skype (if I want to!) and so help me, if I had the wherewithall, I would head somewhere like AMERICA to visit my friends. Reunions - PAH!!. There are too many other new places to visit.......

Nanny Ree said...

Just found your blog & want to say thank-you for giving me a giggle. Marie x

Debbie said...

Me thinks you are MUCH too hard on yourself!!! *S* (but I didn't go to mine either :-)