Sunday, March 21, 2010

Christabel Condo By The Sea

In the entire history of our family life together we have never had a true family vacation.

One of the reasons is because Hubster has to work seven days a week and doesn't like to turn over his job to just anyone. However, this year may be the year.

We're trying to find a beach house to rent for a week that's affordable, actually ON the beach, and somewhere we can get to and home from without too much cost. We don't want to eat up all our time driving to wherever it is we're going to vacation, but we also don't want to pay out the firstborn son as a deposit, either.

Although there certainly are times I would entertain such a suggestion.

Hubster suggested we rent an RV and drive it to a beach, then camp out there. Not that I want to squelch his plans, but I think we'd probably be at each others' throats by the time we got to our destination. Add to that the vehement objections of the teenagers in our clan, and you can see he was outnumbered.

I've also been eyeing condos on the Interweb, looking for one in our area we could possibly move into in the coming years. There are several nice condo communities around. I think if we don't have to worry about the maintenance and we can find one in our price range that's on a cul-de-sac with enough room, we'll do well to snatch it up. Hubster, as always, will be more reluctant to move.

He's more of the stay-in-this-house-until-it-falls-down-around-our-ears type. God bless his little pointed head. He may have to be dragged out, kicking and screaming.

I, on the other hand, like to move once every fifteen years or so whether I need it or not. Fifteen years is just about the time it takes to completely fill a house with all the junk and detritus that coincides with that time. I figure I may have to slow down a bit on the Collecting of the Junk at this juncture, being as this may be the last move we make until the one where we move into assisted living.

There will be kicking and screaming when that time comes as well.

I have in mind what I'd like in the way of a condo. It will need to be all on one floor. It will need at least two bedrooms, in case we have a grandchild or two spend the night. If it has a basement it will have to be finished off as a man cave and/or extra living space in case (God forbid!) one of the kids has to come home again. Then again it could be made into a space for the grandchildren to play.

We'll have to have a garage attached, an outdoor patio or deck, and preferably nothing but woods behind us. Woods that we do not have to see to, because that will be all included in the condo fees.

And while I'm at it, I might as well include maid service once a week.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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Linds said...

Don't forget room for Linds to come and visit!!!!!
We didn't have many family holidays either - being married to a man who spent his entire working life cruising the oceans of the world who then decided that his ideal perfect holiday was to STAY AT HOME rather messed with the "let's go away" thing. Sigh.