Monday, January 11, 2010

Similar to Baths - At Least Once A Week, Whether I Need To Or Not

It occurs to me that I have neglected my reading public.

That is, if there are any of you left.

Interest in this little missal of mine ebbs and wanes at times, this being a time of waning. Remarkable, because one would think I'd write more since there is more time spent cooped up in the confines of a stifling, oxygen-restricted, four-walls-closing-in-on-me, cozy little abode such as mine.

Not that I'm claustrophobic or anything.

Instead, most evenings are spent going somewhere else in my head via the computer. Either that or I get out of the house completely so as to avoid climbing the walls. Our walls are not equipped with the requisite stone face to make climbing easier and as my nails are short and I am not athletically inclined, leaving the house just seems the best road to follow.

Pun intended.

It has been a no good, very bad, horrible day so far. I had to deal with some issues with some people and then call some people about some other things. I know you sympathize greatly with me. And so now I will make a great effort to TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN and enjoy the rest of my day!

Right after I upchuck into this potted plant.

Much better.

The Girl and The Boyfriend are no more. Although it is for the best in the long run, we all miss him and wish him well. They were together for over a year and he grew on us. Hearts are still on the mend.

The Frozen Tundra around here is slowly melting as we have hit a tropical high of 32 degrees F. Pina coladas will be served on the Lido Deck this afternoon to celebrate. Bikinis are optional.

Over the weekend I managed to baptize my MP3 player. I came in from shopping, and as I was removing my coat I dropped it into a half-full cup of water. (Please note the optimistic view here. I said the cup was half FULL, not half EMPTY.) Retrieving it immediately from the drink (so to speak) I shook all the water out of it that I could, left it to drain and prayed for the best.

Later that evening it refused to power up. I was a sad camper indeed.

I looked all over the Internet and finally found an upgraded, refurbished model of the same MP3 player for an affordable amount. However, the entity from whom I wanted to purchase did not take PayPal.

"FIE!" I shouted. (Fie is a universal word that can take the place of almost any other unacceptable word in the dictionary.) "FIE!"

And so I did not order the MP3 player.

The next day I sat down upon my Queenly Throne (read La-Z-Boy) in my Royal Court (read office) and reached over to the dead MP3 player to bid it a fond farewell (read throw it in the trash). Instead, I tried the POWER button once again. My hopes were as dim as I thought the light on the MP3 player would be.

(parenthetical pregnant pause inserted for effect)

IT TURNED ON!!! And it WORKED!!! The dead had arisen!!!

Gimme a break.

I get my kicks where I can.

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