Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year

Tomorrow being the As Yet Undeclared National Holiday, I feel it only appropriate to break the silence and wish all of you a Happy New Year.

One cannot suffer too much excitement at one time at my age.

There have been no resolutions on my part, mainly because I never keep them. I gave up making them a long, long time ago. Fuddyduddy that I am, I refuse to participate. If New Year's were Christmas I might even say "Bah! Humbug!"


As it is I will merely sit in my corner by myself and be snarky for a bit. Snarkiness seems to be the genre of the day today, being as 1) I feel rather snarky as a general rule 2) the barometer is calling for 86 more inches of snow and so 3) the Earl of Migraine has decided to take his mighty hammer to my snarky little head.

Snark, snark, snark.

In other news, it was a perfectly lovely, if everlasting, Christmas. It began on the 18th of December last with my department's party, and ended last Saturday night when all of the immediate family that could be there gathered at Eldest Son's home. All in all there were a total of four family Christmases. One for Hubster, me, The Girl and The Boy on Christmas morning, another Christmas evening during a blizzard at Nephew's home. The third was the Sunday following with Sis and her family, Son and his family and the four of us again at our home. And then the final one almost a week later. It was like the Twelve Days of Christmas without all the feathers and the dancing and the drumming and the milking and the noise and the gold.

I could have done with a little of the gold.

The Amazon lists worked WONDERS. I highly recommend them to everyone. While I didn't buy everything from Amazon, I did find they were as cheap as (gasp!) WALMART on most of the items I purchased.


And they were even CHEAPER than Walmart if you caught certain things on Gold Box deals. For instance, some of the toys I bought for the kidlets were normally $30, but I got them for $10. Quite a difference. And if you played your cards right and bundled things together right and the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, you got free shipping.


And then there were the boxes that arrived via UPS and the postman every few days. That was like Christmas itself, because you know, OPENING PRESENTS even if they weren't yours....

I heart Amazon. I heart it A LOT.

And on to another topic...

My friend Cindabel's husband who had bypass surgery last week is being moved to rehab today. He had a bit of a time after the surgery due to some complications, so your continued prayer for both of them would be appreciated. Cindabel is taking some time off work to be with him and get some laundry done.

We're a lot alike in that regard.

Not really. She actually DOES the laundry.

Me? I'm enjoying my last hours of youth before As Yet Undeclared National Holiday tomorrow.

Hey, self-deception is an art I'm proud to say I have perfected over the years.

Even when I'm feeling snarky.

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