Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Which The Photographer Phlunks

And then there was Sunday.

DIL #2 had to work on Saturday, so Sunday was the only option open to us for a photo shoot. We tried to schedule it early enough in the morning so that the kids wouldn't be ready for naps. We thought the grownups could "man up" and fight through the sleepiness.

You already know about the first part of the day. It started out with promise, to be sure. I wish it would have ended that way.

We arrived at the studio at 10 a.m. and began by taking one of the smaller family photos with the small children. Following that we went on to the next small family, the large family, the other small family shots, individual shots, etc. All told we were there about an hour and a half.

The first problem was noticed when there didn't seem to be any interaction between the photographer and the children. He didn't have an assistant, so Hubster had to try to make them smile because all the photographer was doing was clicking away.

Bad feeling #1.

Next, there were no props. No furniture. Just stools to sit on.

Bad feeling # 2.

For the large family photo we ended up lining up like prisoners in a mug shot, with the children barely visible at times, like mops at others, frowning, looking other directions, chewing on fingers, etc.

Bad feeling #3.

There were big gaps in the "lineup" although the whole thing looked very crowded.

Bad feeling #4.

Instead of waiting for a good shot, he'd get us set and keep shooting until someone said they couldn't take the flashing anymore. If you click through the proofs fast it's almost like watching a movie of the shoot.

Bad feeling #5.

Plus, I looked fatter than I thought I should.

OK, granted there isn't much he could have done about that, but still...

Bad feeling #6.

The small family shots had a few come out as passable. The single shots of the teenagers had some come out as OK. But for the most part?

It was a dud.

He took 396 photos, and they were awful.

I showed them to the rest of the family and told them we were going to have to do this all over again with a different photographer. DIL said that at first she wanted to strangle me, but after getting a look at the photos she wanted to strangle HIM. DIL #2 said she thought we could have done a better job ourselves.

But in retrospect, the eggplant and green worked out JUST FINE.

It was about the only thing that did.


Linds said...

Get 2 friends with digital cameras to come and do them for you. The ones which the one you are not looking at takes will be stellar. And free! I have HIDEOUS wedding photos - the official ones. The ones taken by an impecunious friend of my sister were the best ever, and we never even knew he was taking them.

Debbie said...

Which is exactly why I haven't scheduled family portraits for my family!!!!